Nike + NBA Connected Jersey

BRIEF   Create a connected experience to celebrate Nike + NBA's new partnereship. 

ROLE   UX Lead


We were asked to create a truly unique expereince to celebrate Nike's new partnership with the NBA. 

Our connected jersey experience allowed fans from all over the world to feel closer to the game, both on and offline. 

I was lucky to have played a big part in the creation of a best-in-class experience on a very tight timeline. We worked with a client that let us create a transformative team, become genuine partners and truly change their business.

My specific highlights were concepting and creating the final foundation of data in one night between user tests, creating a million prototypes for multiple rounds of user testing and transforming the way Verizon operates in order to display the bill in much clearer way to the user & a support chat bot connecting users from anywhere in the app. 

Nike NBA Connected Jersey UX 300 Minute Journey Pre to Post Game
A young man is holding a phone with the Nike Connected Jersey experience showing.
Arcitecture map for Nike + NBA experience.
A phone with a digital experience is shown next to a NBA jersey.

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